Professional Interests
Cadmium Red over Black - Gottlieb You can download a pdf of my resume here.

Professional Experience:
I am the Director of Research and Evaluation for Computer Science Education at the New York City Department of Education. This work centers on designing and establishing long term evaluation plans related to NYC's recently announced CS4All initiative, an unprecedented public-private partnership utilizing $80million over the next ten years to ensure that all public school students receive meaningful CS education in elementary, middle, and high school levels. I also work alongside the DOE's primary private-side partner, CSNYC, to establish a meaningful research agenda to best leverage the large scale CS work being undertaken in the city. I also  conduct formative evaluation work with the Software Engineering Program, summative evaluation work on grant-funded projects, and help to coordinate external research projects focusing on CS education.

Previously, I worked in the Office of Postsecondary Readiness as a research analyst, working to support the development of programs aimed at assisting a variety of students in the New York City school system. These programs range from those targeted at students at risk of dropping out of school to those providing 21st century vocational training, including my initial work with our CS team. My work flow included developing and carrying out program evaluations (both summative and formative), assembling and analyzing data from the school system's databases, and generating reports for internal program teams, funding bodies, and external dissemination.

Prior to moving to New York, I had the good fortune of working with Jeff Moore on developing a unique assessment tool, the Striver Quotient (SQ), derived from Coach Moore's experiences as a high level tennis coach, for use by companies and organizations. This assessment has been custom designed according to Coach Moore's Striver concept, and thorough psychometric testing on the SQ assessment has been done on data sets derived from thousands of responses collected online. The SQ is currently being used by a variety of businesses in the greater Austin, TX area.

I have also applied my skills as a psychologist and data analyst in a contractor role. I have assisted HR departments in performing personality assessments, worked with other researchers on experimental design and software coding projects, as well as assisted individuals in analyzing complex data sets.

During graduate school at the University of Texas, I often worked with the Division of Statistics and Scientific Computation. I participated in a semester long training seminar aimed at teaching students with applied statistical backgrounds to work as statistical consultants. I also worked with the division in revising their introductory-level statistics courses to better take advantage of the technological resources available at the university.

Graduate school has afforded me the opportunity to work in a variety of teaching capacities, as well. I have taught my own courses in psychology, as well as served as a teaching assistant for a wide range of psychology and statistics courses. This experience has greatly improved my abilities as a communicator, making me better able to express complex ideas and explain intricate analytic techniques to groups and individuals without technical backgrounds. It also served to reinforce the organizational and deadline-driven work style that I had developed throughout my career.

Educational Background:
I am a trained experimental psychologist, with an interest in applied behavioral research. My academic research focused on how physiological systems interact with the social environment to influence behavior (which you can read more about here). During my undergraduate career at the University of Michigan I was interested in social issues and the intersection of the social world and the individual. Towards the end of my college career I became interested in the research process, particularly through my work with Dr. Oliver Schultheiss. It was then that I chose to pursue a graduate career in social and personality psychology.

My graduate career at the University of Texas at Austin with Dr. Robert Josephs was an invaluable learning experience. One of the greatest benefits of my graduate school experience was that I was forced to learn in an applied environment. I did not only learn statistics and research methods in the classroom, but by designing and conducting research myself. There is no replacement for first hand experience, and this is especially true when it comes to conducting research and handling data.

Possibly the greatest thing I took away from my graduate school experience was learning to teach myself. As my career advanced, I found that teaching myself new methods and techniques was the greatest way for my research interests and abilities to grow. I taught myself high level analytic techniques (e.g., mutlilevel logistic modeling), as well as new research methods (e.g., exogenous hormone administration). With the foundational knowledge and confidence to trust in my own abilities, I learned that I am only limited by my desire to teach myself.

Contact Information:
Scott Liening
New York, NY

*The painting featured above is "Cadmium Red over Black" (1959) by Adolph Gottlieb.

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